Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

At Durabuilt Concrete, we specialize in retaining walls, and we do so at affordable rates! All our retaining walls are designed by the experienced professionals of Durabuilt Concrete. A retaining wall built by us will be made from concrete blocks. A retaining wall helps to keep soil in place so that it does not erode. Not only does a retaining wall keep soil in place, but it can also improve the looks of your property, especially when it is constructed beautifully.

Benefits of Retaining Walls?

When you have retaining walls that are erected by our contractors, you can be sure that our walls will serve the purpose of retaining soil and improving your landscape. When you have a retaining wall, you don’t need to worry about maintenance as the walls are durable and can withstand many different types of weather conditions! A retaining wall can prevent soil erosion, which can destroy your garden and landscaping.

Types of Different Retaining Walls

Our concrete contractors are dedicated and also skilled, therefore they can provide you with a variety of designs when it comes to retaining walls! As you may know, retaining walls do come in various types, let us take a quick look at these types of walling systems. There is a gravity retaining wall which is your most basic and popular type of retaining wall. Gravity retaining walls use gravity to hold themselves in position. These walls are made from concrete blocks. When you have limited space on a property, our contractors will use a retaining wall that is also known as sheet piling. We also have retaining walls that have reinforcement within them for a sturdier wall. Our concrete contractors can also provide you with an anchored retaining wall. When you call us, our experts will assess your property and then provide you with suitable retaining wall options.

Our services

When it comes to retaining walls on your property, you will want walls that are strong but also beautiful. Anything that is added to your property, should increase the visual appeal of your home, as well as its value. This is something we want to provide to all our clients. We ensure that our concrete contractors work alongside you so that you receive retaining walls that are safe and that serve their purpose but also retaining walls that look great. We will safely erect your retaining walls and ensure that your property is left in a clean condition.


The cost of the segmental retaining wall is substantially less than a traditional upright concrete wall. It is also quicker to install and can be used immediately since the concrete blocks are already at full strength. Pricing on retaining walls differs, depending on the type of walls that you may require. The cost will also depend on the size of your property that needs retaining walls and what type of designs you want. Our prices will still be the best out there! We always provide our clients with a detailed quotation for our retaining walls.

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