Residential Lifting

Residential Lifting

Durabuilt Concrete offers residential lifting services to all our clients, who may have found out that their foundation needs repairs. Repairs are not the only reason that you may need residential lifting, and this is because residential lifting can be used for renovations as well.

These renovations include adding a crawl space or even an additional floor to your home. It is always recommended to call a professional concrete company to do the residential lifting, as this can be a difficult and dangerous job to take on. Also, residential lifting will require special equipment and machines.

Why would residential lifting be needed?

Residential lifting will be needed if you are struggling with the foundation of your home. We also recommend that residential lifting is done when your home is positioned at a low point, and water is accumulating there. Water can damage foundations, and this needs to be avoided. When a building structure is lifted, the lifting will protect the foundation because the foundation will be dry. If you have decided to add a crawl space to your home, you will need professional contractors to lift your home. This is the same for when you want to add floors to your home.

Benefits of Our Services

When you hire Durabuilt Concrete, you will benefit from professional services because we have qualified teams of contractors on our teams. The residential lifting will be done safely and efficiently. When you hire professionals, you will also benefit from our contractors that will carry out a full foundation inspection, and advise you on any repairs that will need to be done. We also ensure that we work safely, and that is why we follow all safety regulations properly. We also make sure that our clients are updated with every step of the residential lifting.

Would you need to leave your home?

Maybe the only downside to residential lifting is that you will be required to leave your home for a short period. This is to ensure the safety of our clients and their loved ones. Our teams of concrete contractors will work as quickly as possible, but they will also always put safety first. Therefore, when we provide residential lifting, we ask our clients to leave the premises for at least two weeks, depending on what repairs or construction is needed. We understand that it can be frustrating and inconvenient, but we promise that it is worthwhile!


When you require residential lifting, you can look at an expensive project because it will involve special equipment, as well as extensive labor from our concrete contractors. We provide our clients with full quotations after the consultation and inspection have been carried out. If you need residential lifting because repairs on your foundation are required, then this service is worthwhile as it will prevent further damage to the structure of your home and its foundation. It is also an investment if you are planning to use residential lifting for renovation purposes.

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