Foundations and Footings

Foundations and Footings

The factors that form part of all constructions are foundations and footing, especially where it is found that soil is not ideal for building. In situations like this, a foundation will require footings, to help prevent the foundation from settling. When foundations and footings are required in construction, we always recommend that you hire professional contractors that can provide you with their qualifications. This will ensure that foundations and footings are safely and efficiently installed. Contact Durabuilt Concrete, a company that will provide you with guaranteed professional services!

Is there a difference between foundations and footings?

The structure that is in contact with the ground is called the footing, while the structure above the footings is called the foundation. A footing can be described as the structure that supports the foundation, and the foundation can be described as the support for the structure that is built on it. Footings can be foundations, yet not all foundations are footers! When this service is required, our contractors will ensure that our clients understand the difference between foundations and footers. Our team of concrete contractors has years of experience with installing foundations and footings, and that is why you will get outstanding results at all times!

Why are footings important?

When you consider that the main purpose of footings is to support the foundation, then you can see why they play such an important role in any structure! To prevent foundations from settling, the footings must be installed correctly. Footings also ensure that the weight of a building is distributed evenly so that the results are a strong and solid structure. Improper support from footings will result in sagging walls or failing foundations, which will result in expensive repairs!

What is foundation settling?

Foundation settling is when soil and water interfere with the construction of the foundation. Especially when water and soil combine it can create issues that will cause the walls of the structure to crack because the foundation either moves, shifts, or settles. When this occurs you will need leveling of the property. Foundation settling can occur because of movement, and it can be found in the pier, beam, and slab foundations. We have also found it happening in properties that have basements. This is why it is vital to have foundations and footers installed by qualified concrete contractors!

Why do we want you to hire us?

After reading this section, we are sure that you will want to hire only the best concrete company for your foundations and footings because you will realize how important they are for any type of structure. Durabuilt Concrete guarantees that when you hire us, you will be more than happy with our services. We will provide you with proof of all our qualifications. We also strictly follow building regulations, to ensure that our foundations and footings are properly installed. We use only the highest quality concrete materials so that the results are long-lasting!

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