Color Stains and Decorative

Color Stains and Decorative

At Durabuilt Concrete, we will surprise you with our wide variety of ideas, and most of all our results with decorative concrete! Concrete staining or decorative concrete is a great way to ensure that your business or home looks amazing! Call us today to find out more about our color-stained and decorative concrete.

The types of decorative concrete

Our concrete contractors will help you to choose the best type of decorative concrete so that it suits your business or home. We have various types of decorative concrete that have different types of finishes or designs. Decorative or stained concrete is one way to add a long-lasting design to your floors. With our decorative concrete, we can provide you with designs that can look like bricks, slate, and even wood. The choices are endless, and completely up to you!

Benefits of decorative and stained concrete

Durabuilt Concrete has provided thousands of clients with color-stained and decorative concrete, and we know that the results can last for many years! When you hire us for the work, we ensure that proper and professional installation techniques are followed so that you get excellent results. If you are looking for an alternative to carpeted flooring, you should take a look at our concrete flooring solutions. It is one way to rid your home of allergens! Concrete is also easy to keep clean and maintain!

Why hire us

Durabuilt Concrete has highly trained and experienced contractors to make sure you get the best service at all times. The installation process involves prepping, grinding, sanding the concrete, and then applying some type of base coat or new canvas. We then apply the texture and or design of your choice, colors are also added at this stage, and then finally we seal the overall layers which may require multiple coats of sealant. Our concrete contractors have years of experience, but they are also dedicated to providing our clients with excellent services!

Is it expensive?

Color-stained or decorative concrete may be expensive, but it truly is a stunning investment to make in your home or business. When you get concrete flooring installed, you won't have to bother with new flooring for many years. Color, texture, and finishes will affect the cost of these incredible services. The area in your home or business will also affect our prices, but we always try to keep our prices reasonable so that you can enjoy color-stained or decorative concrete! We will provide you with a detailed quotation straight after we consult with you. Also concrete lasts a very long time, and therefore you won't require extensive repairs. All concrete requires is some maintenance, such as sealing, and for you to keep it clean so it will stay in a good condition. Our color-stained and decorative concrete will also increase the value of your property! We guarantee that you will love our color-stained or decorative concrete, and so will all your friends! So give us a call today, and let us get started on your concrete!

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